Self-Responsibility Workshop 

1395339_10202458685134787_285678208_nIt is an experiential workshop that focuses on the conscious integration of mind/body/spirit (using the human energy field). We often feel that these three aspects of our reality seem to be at times outside of our control and yet the main reason of these feeling is caused by our mind’s limited belief systems that cause excessive unconscious mind control over the body. The combination of these two variants shape our limited perception of what is real, and thus makes us believe that we are unable to enjoy, or to create our ideal life.


The workshop focuses on the individual exploration of body, mind and spirit as a means to assist the participant to the experiential realization of these three aspects of ourselves, and that by conscious understanding of what each of them can do and how they are always in relationship working together; we can take full responsibility of their conscious integration. The participant then becomes open to a whole new world of possibilities by experiencing what his/her true nature is. 

Everybody is welcome to the workshop, no prior training or knowledge is needed; you will learn to trust your own inner wisdom to lead you by doing. Whether you are a professional or a novice at what you do; you will experience tools that will assist you to breathe and to move more freely; to improve your life, health and relationships in many ways with minimum effort.


What you will learn in the workshop:

Body’s exploration:

  • Identify mind’s unconscious control over the body
  • Principle of minimum effort-learn to truly delegate
  • Identify poor body alignment and how to correct it
  • How to retrain your body to breath naturally
  • How to move with bone awareness
  • Grounding and centering awareness
  • Body conditioning warm-up focused on correct bone alignment
  • Psoas and core muscles awareness for proper body mechanics of walking/running
  • Partnering sensory exploration
  • Learn how to relax your eyes by using 3D vision
  • Moving with full body awareness
  • Learn a simple partnering body manipulation technique

o That focuses of proper body alignment
o To assist in deepening your partner’s muscle and joint relaxation


Relationships exploration through partnering:

  • Identifying a true relationship
  • Non-harmonious relationship vs. harmonious relationship
  • Learn to delegate and lead

o Allow yourself to be guided
o Deepen mind’s relaxation
o Exercise your ability to be of service

  • Experience the flow state of being fully in the present moment
  • Develop trust and confidence 
  • Learn to thank and love yourself

Mind’s exploration:

  • Principle of entrainment, or the law of the stronger in nature
  • Non-locality of awareness
  • Limiting belief systems; identifying how the subconscious restrict and limits us
  • Take charge of your belief systems by realizing the three mind’s principles that shape your reality:

o Where the mind goes body follows
o The mind moves in the direction of its most predominant thought
o In these live nothing has any value, except the value that you give it
o Learn how this principles have been shared by some religions for thousands of years

  • Making peace with the past: be grateful for your lessons
  • Learn the key elements to work with Self-Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • How can imagery and visualizations become a powerful tool to change unwanted behaviors

o Waking up exercise
o Neutralizing a negative emotion
o Neutralizing a past traumatic experience

  • Emotional release exercises
  • How to make effective mantras and prayers
  • Guided meditations

Spirit exploration through the human energy field:

  • What is life? To this question the scientific world has no answer
  • Understanding what the body is and its electromagnetic field
  • Importance of the heart
  • How to work with the human energy field

o Elements of Yoga and Chi-Kung/Qigong exercises
   Physical choreography
o Developing hands sensitivity to feel the human energy field

  • How to use energy work for self-healing and how to assist others in their self-healing

o Visualization exercises for energy balancing and health
o Emotional release exercise

  • Guided meditations

o Kriya Yoga: Karma releasing 
o Open eyes heart meditation with partner 


The workshop will be hold in Spanish with translation into English if required



Who: Alberto Hernandez, USA, founder of Self-Responsibility Educational Project. Alberto is a spiritual teacher, body-mind integration educator, traveler and dancer.


When: 26.-28.11.


Times and Places:

Instituto Cervantes: Na Rybníčku 536/6, (entrance in Štěpánská) Praha 2

Thursday & Friday: 18:00-21:00

Saturday: 9:00-13:30

Thursday & Friday: 500 CZK per day
Saturday: 700 CZK 
All 3 days: 1300 CZK 

If the price is hindering you in participation don`t hesitate to contact us and we will find the solution.