Retreat – A journey to Self-discovery and Self-healing


with Alberto Hernández 


This is an experiential retreat that focuses on the conscious integration of body, mind and spirit (using the human energy field).  We often feel that these three aspects of our reality seem to be at times outside of our control and yet the main reason of these feeling is caused by our mind’s limited belief system that causes excessive unconscious mind control over the body.  The combination of these two variants shape our limited perception of what is real, and thus makes us believe that we are unable to enjoy, or to create our ideal life.  


The retreat focuses on the individual and group exploration of body, mind and spirit as a means to assist the participant to the experiential realization of these three aspects of ourselves; by the conscious understanding of what each of them can do and how they are always in relationship working together, the participant can take full responsibility of their conscious integration.   The participant then becomes open to a whole new world of possibilities by experiencing what his/her true nature is.


In this retreat you will be exposed to develop a clear and tangible understanding of the principle of minimum effort and the three basic mind’s principles that govern your perception.  Firstly, you will be led to understand body biomechanics and alignment; the exploration of the principle of minimum effort is done at this stage, partnering and group exercises will facilitate your body’s understanding and assimilation of this principle.   Secondly, you will be led to experience the three basic principles that govern your perception and the exploration of the nature of relationships; at this stage you will be able to evaluate your belief systems.  Thirdly, you will be led to bring these elements together and put them to work with the understanding and management of your emotions; at this stage you will be led create empowering belief systems.  The gradual exploration of these developmental stages will assist you to take full responsibility of the co-creation of your reality.


Everyone creates his own fortune; everyone creates his own misfortune…

Purity and impurity belong to oneself; no one can purify one or another” Dhammapada: Buddha’s teachings


Everybody is welcome to the workshop, no prior training or knowledge is needed; you will learn to trust your own inner-wisdom to lead you by doing.  Whether you are a professional or a novice at what you do; you will experience tools that will assist you to breathe and to move more freely; to improve your life, health and relationships in many ways with minimum effort.  In addition, excerpts from various religious texts will be analyzed to prove to you that truth is not confined to a specific organized religion; rather, truth has always been and it is accessible to all those that will sincerely accept it.  Come with an open heart and truly love yourself and others.





1. Body’s exploration:

  • Principle of minimum effort
  • Body and bone alignment
  • Body conditioning warm-up
  • Partnering sensory exploration
  • Assisted body manipulation technique for deep release


2. Exploring relationships in a neutral environment:

  • Leading and following exercises
  • Blindfolded sensory exploration
  • Harmonizing relationships by understanding their elements


3. Mind’s exploration:

Exploring the 3 principles that govern the mind:

  • Where the mind goes body follows
  • The mind moves in the direction of its most predominant thought
  • In this life nothing has any value, except the value that you give it
  • Understanding emotions

Several practices from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Self-Hypnosis will be proposed, to learn how to make peace with the past and neutralize effects of disempowering emotions, and how to create empowering emotions.


4. Spirit’s exploration through the human energy field:

  • Exploring body’s electromagnetic field
  • Working with human energy field; conscious application to Yoga and Chi-Kung/Qigong exercises
  • Work with energy for self-healing and how to assist others in their self-healing
  • Several visualization exercises and guided meditations


Most of the exploration exercises require partnering for double feedback; because in this manner the learning process is accelerated.  Partners are constantly rotated; the partnering exercises are done in a supervised safe environment and with full respect of the other person. These group dynamic practices will increase the ability to be of selfless service to others, as well as, to develop trust and confidence for self and others.




Tentative workshop itinerary, the program will be organically adapted to group’s needs and given circumstances.




Arrival and registration




Introductions circle

Defining Workshop’s Personal Intent



Saturday, Sunday schedule:


Wake up


Warm-up and morning practice




Workshop  P-1 (w/15 mins break)

Exploring the Body and Relationships. Principle of minimum effort applied to: body alignment and natural breathing. Discovering unconscious tensions in the body and learning group relaxation.




Workshop P-2 (w/15 mins break)

Short warm-up with body alignment review. Exploring the Mind and Energy work. Discovering how we co-create our reality with our minds. Learn how energy-work works and how to use it.




Q&A – Meditation


Monday schedule:


Wake up


Warm-up and morning practice




Workshop (w/15 mins break)

Exploring the possibilities of integrating Body, Mind and Spirit in your everyday life.


Closing circle




You can participate for the weekend or stay longer till monday.


WHEN: 28.11.-01.12.

WHERE: Czech Republic, beautiful farm surrounded by nature,

WHO: Alberto Hernandez, USA, founder of Self-Responsibility Educational Project. Alberto is a spiritual teacher, body-mind integration educator, traveler and dancer.


Reservation and prices

Weekend: 2800 Kč for reservation payment till 15. november, later 3300 Kč

Whole three days: 3800 Kč for reservation payment till 15. november, later 4300 Kč

Reservation: mail to  and deposit of 1000 CZK/ 36 EUR to 670100-2203966322/6210 to secure your place. 

In case of cancellation before the 21.11. – 90% of the reservation will be returned. If you wish you can use the payed reservation fee for another of our courses

The price includes your dorm accommodation, nice vegetarian food and workshop fee.


We minimize costs so more people will be able to experience the workshop, so these workshop prices are the minimum to cover organizational expenses.  If, after the workshop you feel thankful for the benefits that you received, or for the skills that you learned and want to express your gratitude, you can make a Paypal donation through  All money will go for the establishment of a Self-Responsibility School, and to continue to share free workshops at the European and World Rainbow gatherings, as well as, ecological and wellness oriented communities throughout the world.