Female pelvis and pelvic floor – Yoga and Anatomy 

pelvis bindu

This course is addressed to all women, yoga practitioners and people who work with the body and have the wish to explore and gain a deeper experiential understanding of the pelvic floor, the bony structure and muscles around. It shall provide an insight on how the yoga posture practice, body poses in daily life and other yogic techniques such as Moolabhanda, Pranaymas affect this area.


During the seminar we will dive into the anatomy of the feminine pelvis and pelvic floor through different approaches such as palpation on our own body and on an external model, working with props to awaken the sensorial awareness in this area.. Several physical and mental (visualizations) exercises will be proposed, aimed to awaken and to increase the sensorial capacity, to relax the muscles, flexibilize them and to increase their tone. All the proposed exercise are safe and aimed to provide a tool for women of all ages to enhance the response of their pelvic floor in daily life.


We will see how movement and breath affect the pelvis and the perineum.  All kind of accessories will be used such as music, balls, chairs, blankets etc. in order to learn how to use the muscles of the pelvic floor. This will provide an anatomical and practical understanding of Moolabhanda, and other yogic practices such Ashwini mudra, Sahajoli/ Vajroli mudra.


Even though this workshop is focused on the feminine pelvis, men are very welcomed to join it, as they might find as well a lot useful information for them and the exercises are suitable for both, women and men (except exercises for the vagina). Some comparisons will be made in between the anatomy of men and women.


This is not a workshop on physiotherapy, it is not pretending to give you a book knowledge on anatomy, but a vivid experience of how anatomy works in your own body. Nor is it meant to be a pelvic floor training for giving birth, (even tough it might be very useful for pregnancy), rather it is a practical invitation to get familiar with your pelvic diaphragm, to live with more awareness in your daily life and to understand the repercussion of yoga and daily activity on the perineum.


To discover the pelvic floor is a  journey recommended to every woman, it can be a very enriching, empowering and as well a healing process.


The workshop will be hold in English, translation into Czech can be arranged if required.



Bony structures: sacrum, coccyx, illium, hips and lumber spine

Joints and ligaments: sacroiliac joint, pubic symphysis, sacroiliac ligaments

Muscular structure:  superficial and deeper layer of the perineal muscles

Organs: bladder, womb-vagina, rectum

Breath and it’s relation with the pelvic floor

Asanas, mudras and moolabhanda

Pelvic floor in other cultures, birth and menstruation

Psychology of the pelvic floor: Mooladhara and Swadhistana chakra



Berlinskej model, Pplk. Sochora 9




Sunday 22.11. from 10:00 – 13:00  & 15:00 – 18:00


Price: 400 CZK,



Registration: info@berlinskejmodel.cz