21.-22.11. Yoga Nidra - Exploring deep states of consciousness 

VisnuDuring Yoga Nidra one experiences how the body is cradled into a deep relaxation, all the tensions fade away, time stops and there is more and more space in your mind, stillness washes over you. One enters the yogic sleep, remaining aware exploring the inner subconscious world, gradually finding a state of ultimate harmony, in which a subtle joy emerges, it is the inner bliss ananda… through Yoga Nidra one realizes that there is a peaceful place, a restful place inside and that one can come back to it whenever needed.


The workshop is suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners.

It will be taught in English and translated into Czech (both the explanation and the practices will be translated). Recording of the practices is allowed, so that you can use it afterwards for the practice home.


Content of the workshop


Friday: Relaxing evening


On Friday evening a first a basic practice of Yoga Nidra will be facilitated, so that people can get in touch with the profound relaxing effect. After we will speak about different states of consciousness and go for a longer practice exploring the universal archetypes (yantras) and mantras. 


Saturday: Exploring deeper states of consciousness through Yoga Nidra


The aim of this course is to dive deeper into the experience of Yoga Nidra.  In this floating state we will move the awareness through the energy channels (nadis) and energy centers (chakras) in order to increase our capacity of perception of the energetic or pranic body. Visualizations of the 5 elements (tattvas) of creation that constitute the cosmos and their corresponding yantras will be used to harmonize the physical body with the mental body. The practice of yoga nidra will be combined with others methods such as  Tratak (gazing steady on a point or symbol) with the yantras of the chakras and  Prana Vidya (energetic healing). 


In between the practices will be the theory parts, with the possibility to discuss the own experience. Different kinds of visualizations will be presented such as healing visualizations, mandalas, yantras, mantras and retrospections and further explanations on how to adapt the practice to our own needs. There will be also a space to explore the symbols and archetypes and their deeper meanings.



Times and prices

Friday: 18:00 – 21:00; 300 CZK

Saturday: 9:00 – 13:00; 400 CZK 

2 days 600 CZK


Registration: mail to infoisvara@gmail.com 



Private practice space in Na Dolinach 41, Praha 4, (bell Fulka/Rodriguez) close to Pražského povstání,