• Yogic massage and facilitated relaxation

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The aim of this course is to transmit a simple way of massaging and relaxing each others, based on intuition, body awareness and healing touch. No specific body knowledge is required, even though any kind of previous work with body might be helpful. But the only thing you realy need for this course is the wish to explore the own body and to assist the partner to relax.


In this workshop you will learn and experience in your own body how easy it is to release tensions and to let go with the help of another person. Assisting each others to relax body and mind, doesn’t require a big anatomical understanding or specific technical skills. But rather the wish to help one another and the curiosity to explore and sense the partners body and the own one. There is an inherent intelligence in our body that assists us whenever we call upon, this happens frequently in the yoga posture practice, it arises when we trust and we allow it to emerge.


Often we are not aware of all the tensions we are carrying in our bodies unless someone touches us. The simple touch through the hands accompanied with the right intention facilitates a deep release. While being touched we become aware of the body part, and awareness in it itself has a healing effect. So we combine the awareness we use in yoga practice with the healing touch. The proposed movements and touch are safe, respectful and noninvasive.


With this simple technique we can assist each others (the partner, friends or kids) in releasing deep tensions in an easy and intuitive way. That’s why this seminar is addressed to anyone who could be interested. Although we don’t recommend it for pregnant woman and certain kind of knee problems.


Several practices will be done in pairs and shorter one in groups, altogether with a previous individual work of mindfulness. Because before we work with someone else we have first to take care of ourselves. All proposed movements for the massage are simple and intuitive, but will be guided in each step. The facilitation of the relaxation is done on the floor, working on blankets, yoga mats and pillows.


One can come alone or with a partner, if you want to work always with the same person it’s good to come with your partner or friend.


The massage has movements and manipulation inspired in yoga, gyrokinesis and thai massage but the main aim is to explore movement and to awaken the inherent sensitivity and the healing capacity that lies within all of us. It will guide us throughout the whole process.


This workshop will be held in English, Czech translation is possible if required. It consists of 3 blocks which can be done altogether to consolidate the method or independently.



Where: Bindu Yoga Studio, Drtinova 11, Smíchov


Part I 05.10.14

Part II 25.10.14

Part III 09.11.14




 from 10:00 to 16:00 –  1 hour lunch break



 700 Czk – modul 1

 1200 Czk – modul 1+ 2

 1700 Czk – modul 1+2+3


Price for Students / pensioners / women on maternity leave:

600 Czk – modul 1

1100 Czk – modul 1+2

1600 Czk – modul 1+2+3 


Registration: http://bindu-yoga.isportsystem.cz/