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  • 22.11. Female pelvis and pelvic floor – Yoga and Anatomy  

  • pelvis bindu

    This course is addressed to all women and yoga practitioners who want to explore and gain a deeper experiential understanding of the pelvic floor and the bony structure around, in order to have an insight on how the asana practice and other yogic techniques such as Moolabhanda affect this area… See complete information here


It is an experiential workshop that focuses on the conscious integration of mind/body/spirit (using the human energy field). We often feel that these three aspects of our reality seem to be at times outside of our control and yet the main reason of these feeling is caused by our mind’s limited belief systems that cause excessive unconscious mind control over the body. The combination of these two variants shape our limited perception of what is real, and thus makes us believe that we are unable to enjoy, or to create our ideal life… See complete information here