Recommendation for the yoga classes


  • Arrive on time -  We recommend to come at least 10 minutes before the class starts. You can use the time for calming down and connecting with yourself, allowing the body and the mind to settle.

  • Practice with empty stomach - Don`t eat two or three hours before class, the food can cause uncomfortable feeling in the belly taking you out of concentration. And the practice can interfere into the digestion process.

  • Inform the teacher about your health issues and limitations before the class, so that the practice can be individually adjusted to your needs.

  • Wear comfortable and free clothes - so that your movements and breath are not restricted, don't use too provocative ones. Yoga is not an exhibition nor competition, but an introspection.

  • Don`t attend the class while ill - the cold is also illness. You can spread it to others and help the illness to spread through your body as well. Whenever there is an infection in the body it is recommended to allow the body to rest and heal, not doing any kind of physical exercise. Try to focus on meditation and introspection instead.

  • Switch off your mobile phone or  put it to silent mode - The place where you practice is a space where we try to disconnect from our daily duties and responsibilities, there you will not need your phone.

  • Listen to your body - Do not force yourself into a position where you feel pain or strong uncomfortable sensation. Please inform the teacher and  he will propose you a suitable alternative of practice. Feel free to rest whenever you need and instead of a proposed position you can stay in any comfortable pose with straight backs and observe the breath.

  • Respect others  here we can include not going over the mats of others, be clean and mindful of perfumes and essences you are using (or avoid them). The space of practice is meant to be a space of silence, please avoid loud expressions and unnecessary talking. And be sure to apply the golden rule of: "Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you." 

  • Keep the order - please take out all the things you brought with you and put the borrowed things back on its place leaving them as they were.

  • Stay till the end - the closing relaxation is most important part of our practice so please stay till the end. If you need to leave earlier than please let the instructor know in the beginning of the class. He will guide you into śavāsana a little earlier than the rest, so that after you can leave the class quietly.



Enjoy the class