Description of the yoga classes


We offer regular yoga and meditation classes in English, Czech and Spanish (check the schedule)and individual classes at request (also in German) in several studios in Prague.


The classes are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. During the practice a sequence of repetitive movements is gradually built up through different given steps. Each practitioner can explore the movements according to his own needs and abilities, going further or remaining on a more gentle and basic level. All along the class you are invited to listen to your body, no matter what the teacher says the last authority is always the body.


In the beginning of class you are asked to come into a comfortable lying pose. Here you find a short space to relax all kind of tensions and to connect with body and breath. After, you are guided through a sequence of soft movements, which are gently awakening the joints and muscles. The exercises become gradually more intense and you are led through different yoga poses. The session ends usually with a deep relaxation in a lying pose including sometimes short meditation practices.


The classes are structured in a way so that they work integrally with the whole body, enfolding all basic movements in the spine and body joints. Several breathing exercises throughout the lesson are used to calm mind and emotions in order to reestablish the balance in all levels of the human being.



The aim of this method is to awaken the natural inherent intelligence of the body. The body is allowed to guide you whereas the mind can relax. You just follow the voice, and focus on the sensations in the body and on the flow of the breath. The breath will give you the rhythm for the movement.


As you become familiar with your breath you start to discover deeper layers of yourself, the breath is a bridge that connects body and mind. The deeper you allow yourself to dive into the practice the more you will discover about yourself. This gives you the opportunity to free yourself from many limitations in body and mind, and eventually to reveal your innermost nature, which is a state of harmony, lightness and wellbeing. That is exactly the sensation one experiences after a yoga class…



Regular practice has a somatopsychic effect. That means through conscious bodywork not only the body is harmonized and healed, but also the mind and the heart. When we start to be aware of the body we automatically become aware of our emotions. Often unprocessed emotions are crystallized in the body as physical blocks, which can be removed through conscious bodywork.


A deep release in the mind is achieved by bringing the awareness fully to the present moment. Surprisingly the mind relaxes by getting focused, that is what usually happens in meditation techniques. The practice of Hatha Yoga is meant to be a meditation in movement. When the mind is focused it becomes calm, spaceful and very powerful.