Schedule for Yoga in English and Spanish



Regular schedule Prague – 2015

For details about the classes in English and Spanish follow the link

(classes will be suspended from 17.12.15 – new schedule starts from 12.01.16) 




  • Monday

18:30-20:00 Integral yoga in Spanish in Instituto Cervantes

20:45-21:45 Yoga Nidra in Studio Universe, if you plan to come sign in with text sms to 777448819


  • Tuesday

07:30-08:15 Morning yoga in English in Studio Universe, if you plan to come sign in with text sms to 777448819


  • Wednesday

10:00-11:30 Integral yoga in English in Yogame

18:30-20:00 Integral yoga in Spanish in Instituto Cervantes




  • Thursday




  • Friday





Studios and prices

POHLED_pracoviště : Letohradská 16,  Praha 7. Price: 160 CZK/ 70 min

Yogame : Národní 21, Praha 1. Price: check the page

Bindu: Drtinova 11, Praha 5, 180 CZK/60 min , 210 CZK/90 min

Instituto Cervantes: Na Rybníčku 536/6, (entrance in Štěpánská) Praha 2, Price: open class 150 CZK/60 min, 230 CZK/90 min

Studio Universe, Dittrichová 3 Price: open class on donation base, recommended donation 150 CZK/60 min, 200 CZK/90 min, first class for free

Vila Flora: Vlašimská 13, Praha 1, Price: 160 CZK/90 min, first class for free

Karma yoga: Korunní 25, Praha 1, Price: 150 CZK /60 min, online reservation 89 CZK /60 min 


Private lessons

Possibility of agreeing individual lessons (recommended price 1000 CZK/90 min other price can be agreed acording to your financial situation). Classes can be arranged with Petr (Czech, English) or with Carmen (English, Spanish, German).










Please check details in sections about workshops