Kinds of Yoga

All the yogas are the petals of the same flower


    Here we will describe in short the main paths of yoga with possibility of displaying more information. Each kind of yoga is based on one of human aspects as love (Bhakti yoga), wisdom (Jñāna yoga), will (Rāja yoga) and action (Karma yoga). In fact it doesn`t matter which path we choose, in the end as the paths are coming together towards one goal, we will develop all these aspects.


Karma yogais the path of action. The aspirant of karma yoga is renouncing the fruits of his actions, be they good or bad. And through doing such he clears the mind and the ego slowly fade.


Rāja Yoga - is the path of will, and gradual development. From basics of morality, through the physical practices towards meditation and samādhiIt is based on the ancient text of Patañjali called Yoga sū́tras (see Yogic texts).

Bhakti yoga - is the path of love, devotion and humbleness. Where through unending remembrance of divine we clean our mind and recognize our true self.


Jñāna yoga - is the path of wisdom and discrimination. When the man through distinguishing what is permanent and what is not, and through inquiring on the essence of himself reaches to the ultimate Truth.



    Another important kinds of yoga are the one having its origin in tantra (note: not the sexual one so well known on west) working consciously withprāna, cakras and kundalinī in order to reach the same goal as the one above. Among the most known and oldest Hatha yoga, Mantra yoga and Lāyayoga also known as Kundalinī yoga.   


Hatha yoga - is the path of uniting two principles of ida and pingala and rising the kundalinī to crown cakra. Containing so well known physical practices on west.